​​​​The Difference Award

Before moving to Vero in 2008, the Dyers had a dealership in a small town in rural Ohio. During their time up North, they would receive requests for small donations almost daily for various causes. Giving back to the local community became part of their culture at the dealership. They depended on their community and the community, in turn, counted on them. 

The Dyers moved to Vero Beach in April of 2008.  Shortly after arriving in Vero, they improved upon the Ohio donation process as it was a priority for them to give back to the community they now served. They wanted to really understand the needs in Indian River County and get to know the organizations that served those needs. A more formal process was created so that the management team could also participate in the giving decisions. 

By June of 2008, the Dyer Difference Award program was created.  The award committee is made up of the management team at Dyer and the recipient is voted upon monthly. The award is presented on behalf of Dyer Chevrolet Mazda Subaru and salutes a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization in Indian River County that is truly making a difference.  The Dyer Difference Award is presented along with a $3,000.00 check to each month’s recipient. The Dyer family and management team is committed to recognizing those organizations whose service and contributions proactively build Indian River County into a strong and caring community. 

In 2014 Dyer Chevrolet Fort Pierce  was included in the Dyer Difference Award program; we are proud to included St. Lucie county 501(c) (3) nonprofit organizations to be consider for the Dyer Difference award. For the Dyers' and everyone in the Dyer staff family, giving back to the community they serve has long been a priority. They want really to understand the needs in Indian River County, St. Lucie County and get to know the organizations that served those needs. That is how the Dyer difference Award has come to be.​