Dyer Difference Award Recognizes KT’s Sunshine Foundation

Just as the rest of the world was going into lockdown in March, 2020, Kaitlyn Kinard’s family was falling apart for a completely different unexpected disaster. The 22 year-old Kinard was killed in a car-crash involving a wrong-way driver, a crash which also critically injured the love of her life, Landon. A nursing student who was just about to graduate and begin her life of helping others, Kaitlyn’s journey ended suddenly and sadly. But her family and friends knew that Kaitlyn’s special gift for lighting up a room would not end when her own candle dimmed, and they created KT’s Sunshine Foundation, which focuses on assisting families in the community who have suffered tragedies and providing students with scholarships. To help raise funds to provide scholarships and spread a little of Kaitlyn’s sunshine, the organization hosts and annual Southern Sunshine BBQ and Music Festival every year, and this month, the Dyer Difference Award honors Kaitlyn’s sunny disposition and her family’s efforts to share that light with others.

Winter Haven High School

Polk County Award Recipients 2023

Photo:  General Manager David Dlugokecki (left) presents Dyer Difference Award to Daniel Hill, Dylan DeLeo, Coach David Schafer, Daniel Butler, and Mike Parsain

                                    Dyer Difference Award Recognizes Polk Sheriff’s Charities

Since 2006, Polk Sheriff’s Charities have been supporting first responders and members of the community in a variety of ways that show dedication, commitment, and loyalty to Polk county residents. What started as a response to the murder of Deputy Matt Williams and K-9 DiOGi after a routine traffic stop, has blossomed into a veritable font of kindness and compassion for the community. First responders who are facing tragic and unexpected events in their lives, like the families of Sergeant Ronnie Brown, who died as a result of injuries incurred in the line of duty and of Sergeant Wes Whitmore, who was hit and killed by a motor vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

It's not just the families of first responsders receiving support from Polk Sheriff’s Charities, either. Children from Polk County’s most economically-challenged neighborhoods have been surprised with holiday gifts, youth organizations have been gifted with team jerseys, victims of domestic violence have received support and assistance, and of course, the organization worked to replace K-9 DiOGi and other K-9 partners. This dedication to service and community have earned Polk Sheriff’s Charities a round of applause and recognition from the February Dyer Difference Award.

Left to Right:  Sales Manager Corey Clough and General Manager David Dlugokecki present the Dyer Difference Award to Ginny Castle of KT’s Sunshine Foundation

                                     Dyer Difference Award Recognizes No Limits

Nearly every parent knows how costly it can be to have children involved in sports. Between the registration, equipment, cost of transportation, meals, and even the time commitment, the price can become prohibitive. No Limits Volleyball in Polk County helps to bring affordable, Christian-based sports to all youth in Polk and surrounding counties. With a firm belief that no child should ever be denied access to opportunities for sports for financial reasons, the organization helps 2,500 children each year. The goal of the team at No Limits Volleyball is to help develop great people who are strong in their faith and exceptional athletes who are leaders in their communities and their classrooms. The March Dyer Difference Award recognizes this goal and the efforts of No Limits to achieve it.


LtR: General Manager David Dlugokecki (left) and Bobby Ruis (right) present the Dyer Difference Award to Polk County’s No Limits Volleyball representative Steve Ousley

L to R: :  General Manager David Dlugokecki presents the Dyer Difference Award to Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Sanders.

Polk Sheriff's Charities Inc.

No Limits Volleyball


                                   A Home Run for the Dyer Difference Award

The baseball program at Winter Haven High School helps keep baseball alive all year long through year-round camps for youth and younger student athletes in Polk County. In addition to the 45 student-athletes supported through the program at Winter Haven, the entire school population of more than 2,600 students, and indeed, the entire community benefit from the opportunity to cheer on the youth as they strive to reach individual and team athletic goals and success. This year, the group is working on fundraising for a new scoreboard to help share the score and other vital information with players and attendees, and the April Dyer Difference Award will help the students to reach their goal and see their names and scores in bright lights.


Ginny Castle of KT’s Sunshine Foundation



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