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Indian River County Award Recipients 2021


Left to Right: Suzy Stoeckel, Tatiana Dyer , Carolyn Nelson (Executive Director) and James Nelson.

             Dyer Difference Award Offers Friendship and Support

            Any cancer diagnosis is terrifying, but imagine the added horror of having to endure the battle of cancer without the support of friends? That’s the premise behind Friends After Diagnosis, a nonprofit organization created and run by individuals in Indian River County who understand what a breast cancer diagnosis means, what patients are experiencing, and how best to help. The mission of Friends After Diagnosis is to enhance the lives of women diagnosed with cancers, others with breast cancer, and their loved ones through regular support meetings, education, wellness, programming, celebration, and networking. The aim is to ensure that no one goes through the cancer battle alone and to help fill the lives of those affected by cancer with wisdom, wellness, fellowship, and peace. To help ensure that Friends After Diagnosis achieves its goal and to help support the 2021 International Women’s Day Celebration of Women in the Arts, the Dyer Difference Award Committee in Indian River County has chosen to recognize the group with the January Dyer Difference Award.