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 Left to Right: Brandon Reynolds, Jim Carr, Rocky Stone, Shannon Kinnett, Will Peck, Jonathan Holmes, Treasure Coast Manatee Foundation members Erik Winterstein, John Mead, Rachel Tennant and Bob Lynch, Tatiana & Will Dyer



 The Lindsay School of the Arts

The Lindsay School of the Arts, a completely free, after school performing, fine, and visual arts center for children aged eight to 18. Organized in 2018, the purpose of the Lindsay School of the Arts is to ensure that every student with a passion for the performing arts, receives the best performing arts experience possible despite his or her life experiences and background. Nearly 300 children from the community are taught, encouraged, mentored, molded, and motivated through all aspects of creativity at The Lindsay School, helping to supply students with tools and skills that can never be taken away. With the assistance of the Dyer Difference Award, thirty additional students will be able to be accepted into programs at The Lindsay School.​​​

Left to Right: Johnny Sullivan, Sr., Jonathan Holmes, Denise Helms, Ilena Luts and Rocky Stone

 Left to Right: Children’s Services Council Executive Director Sean Boyle, Jonathan Holmes, Will and Tatiana Dyer, Cindy Bridges, Heather “sHERO” Wells, Dorrian Bridges.


Angela and Jonathan Holmes

Saint Lucie County Award Recipients 2020

The local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Foundation

The Dyer Difference Award for March was presented to the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Foundation, which works, not only to save the wild turkey population, but also to fund conservation efforts locally and throughout Florida to ensure that the natural beauty of Florida will be around for generations of humans and wildlife to come. To help raise funds for the organization, Florida Wild Turkey Foundation recently hosted a steak dinner, live auction, and game event at the famed Adams Ranch just west of Fort Pierce.


The Treasure Coast Manatee Foundation

They’re peaceful, slow-moving, and gentle, and they never turn down a good meal or a warm bath, and luckily for all of us, manatees live right in our neighborhood. Because the gentle giants we’ve come to know as “sea cows” are big and eat a lot – up to 150 pounds of food per day, nearly all of it plant matter, they help maintain our fragile marine ecosystem naturally. But the manatee population is endangered, so to help educate us about the importance of this good and gentle neighbor, the Dyer Difference Award for February in St. Lucie County was presented to the Treasure Coast Manatee Foundation. A small, but vital and enthusiastic group of volunteers, the Treasure Coast Manatee Foundation members help provide environmental education programs, exhibits, and transportation to thousands of visitors of all ages and encourage learning about, respecting, and preserving sea cows. 

Family Meals Inc.

On Saturday, May 2nd, however, the whole team took operations outside, as Dyer Chevrolet Fort Pierce partnered with Family Meals, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, Louden Pools, and CareBag for an emergency food Drive Through Giveaway. Beginning at 8:00 a.m., a lane of traffic on US1 was closed to accommodate the myriad of vehicles that pulled in through one entrance, received a bag of fresh vegetables, pantry foods, and toiletries loaded into their car by a masked, but smiling volunteer, and headed back onto the road with some delicious, nutritious vegetables and a glimmer of hope courtesy of Family Meals, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, Louden Pools, and CareBag, and the Dyer Difference Award. It was no surprise that the Dyer Difference Award committee chose to recognize the organizations who are coming to the aid of families during such a difficult time.